She doesn’t say much. My mysterious traveller/explorer.

23.04.14 @ 01:2213

This is fun. I regret nothing! >:D
The Wolf Among Us is an awesome game (& Fables is an awesome comic series.) Get it in ya ;)

17.04.14 @ 03:07439

I got to see this unbelievably cool woman perform live at the Palais last night. All dat soul. Completely inspiring.

16.04.14 @ 22:386

The Wolf Among Us. I am compelled to sketch.
As if I need to be reminded of how much I like neon-lit fairytale noir… Please excuse me while I board this ship
Edit: I knew there was something missing! added bigby’s arm hairs lol

15.04.14 @ 02:52860

New character. An unapologetic, self-reliant traveller. I don’t know her name yet, all I know is she needed to be made…
I guess I’ll know it when she decides to tell me.

09.04.14 @ 22:1110

Hey tumblr artists! I have a question… do you usually consider the golden ratio when you’re creating art pieces?

Coming from an animation background, I try to consider the rule of thirds, simply for composition aesthetics. (okay not every time but I try to remember) But I wonder to what extent people would go if any - or how ingrained it is… whenever they make a piece of art even if it’s just for fun?

I realised I hadn’t just drawn something random for myself in a while…

19.03.14 @ 00:0017

I was thumb-nailing for comic pages and got carried away and then i saw it… the meaning of life.

10.03.14 @ 18:089

"If you’re feeling frustrated with your progress toward your goals, it’s tempting to focus on what you lack that other people seem to have, to obsess over followers, engagement, traffic, or any other benchmark. The reality is that numbers don’t necessarily measure success, and they’re certainly not a requirement for fulfilment.

Some of the most successful people I know have slowly nurtured small, engaged networks of people who provide tremendous value to each other. All of the most fulfilled people I know focus more on the quality of their connections than the quantity of them. They make it a priority to reveal their authentic self instead of struggling to build and maintain a persona. They take their connections to ever-deepening levels by partnering online, meeting at events offline, and giving those people their full attention when they do connect. And they remember that behind every professional mission, there is a personal purpose.

…You need to challenge the worries that keep you reacting compulsively instead of engaging consciously: the fear that you’re missing out on connections or information available somewhere else; the concern that you’re not really being heard; or the suspicion that other people are somehow doing better and you’re getting left behind.

The reality is that we’re all in the same boat. We’re all navigating the increasing number of online tools at our disposal, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people around us and the barrage of information we need to manage every day. We’re all learning how and when to set boundaries, or even take complete breaks to renew and recharge. And we’re all discovering that social media provides countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Social media can have a profound impact on your life if you let it - but the power of any tool lies in the intentions of its user.”

excerpt by Lori Deschene from a good little book lent to me by dear friend julieslittleworld. :) 

Gotta remember to relax if you’re getting close to burning out! We’re all in the same boat, we all go through shit at some point in our lives. We know how shit feels.

I’m feeling pretty grateful to those friends who know how to be real with me, and can handle my real in return. We’re BAMFs and I’m so proud of you. And me, too. ;)

I’ve been up since 5:30am. Please excuse me while my brain forgets what colours are for a moment.
cool down skecth you worked hard go hom enow vikki

05.03.14 @ 19:016

Keej has two cats he has named Thomson and Thompson. Because of reasons.
WIP. Practicing for upcoming commission openings!
Life update: I just moved into my very own full-time (amazing) studio space in the creative bohemian heart of Melbourne, beginning the next step of my professional career as a free agent. I’ll run animation, illustration and design work from my new HQ, and any other collaborative ventures (like Colour Fantastica). The space and the people are beautiful, I’m still settling in and I’m nervous as fuck completely out of my comfort zone. But it’s high time for me to start a new chapter. :)

04.03.14 @ 15:4924